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About the club

The MABC of MD is comprised of people, breeders, and pet owners alike, dedicated to a unique and wonderful breed of dog, the Basenji. Meetings and activities are held in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and surrounding states.

The Club’s major activities include:

  • Meetings often feature special programs and always provide our members with a lively forum for the exchange of ‘Senji stories and brags.
  • Financial support of Basenji Health Research and the Basenji Club of America National Specialty.
  • Support, advice, and assistance to people having problems with their Basenjis.
  • Distribution of “Do You Know of a Basenji in Trouble?” posters to animal shelters, vets, etc.
  • Preparation and distribution of special education materials such as “So You Think You Want a Basenji” and a pamphlet on crate use.
  • Support of Basenji classes at occasional AKC All Breed and Obedience Trials.
  • Holding AKC events, social gatherings, and educational seminars.
  • An annual Holiday Party which includes a fund-raising auction of Basenji memorabilia and the ever-popular “Mystery Gift Exchange”